5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Many homeowners pay little attention to their roof until something goes wrong. Besides the obvious function of providing protection from the elements, a reliable roof is a key component in your home’s overall health. Whether you notice shingles missing from the exterior or water damage on the interior, it may be time to call a professional roofing company for an inspection.

Here are five signs it may be time to replace your roof:

1. Your roof is nearly 25 years old.

Most roofs with asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 20-30 years. Proactively calling a professional roofer can help you determine whether or not your roof is nearing the end of its life before issues occur.

2. Your shingles are missing.

A shingle or two missing after a severe storm isn’t something to sweat, but you’ll want to replace those shingles as soon as you can. However, if your roof is starting to resemble a checkerboard with so many shingles missing, a roof replacement may be in order.

3. Your shingles are curling.

Shingles warped in shape can leave your home exposed to outdoor elements such as rain and snow. Shingles can curl (inwards) or cup (outwards) due to excessive moisture in your attic. Your shingles should lay flat to provide the most protection from roof leaks.

4. Your energy bills are exceptionally high.

Are your heating and cooling bills (literally!) going through the roof? Your roof may not be working at its peak performance if your attic isn’t ventilated or insulated properly to keep energy from escaping.

5. Your roof falls victim to ice dams in the winter.

If you notice large icicles or ice dams on your roof, it could mean that poor insulation in your attic is allowing heat to escape. This creates moisture, which can upon freezing, cause leaks, wood rot, or damaged gutters.

The warning signs listed above are just five of many signs to look out for when making the decision to replace your roof. Since your roof is integral to the safety and structure of your home, it’s important that you call professional roofing company to assess your home. Experts in the industry, like our certified roofers at Above All Roofing, are equipped with the knowledge and skills to evaluate the condition of your roof. Contact our team of roofing experts today for your free estimate.