Four Ways to Get Your Roof Ready for Fall

This time of year, we can’t help but notice how the days are getting shorter, the leaves are changing, and cooler temperatures are under way. We know what this means: winter will be here before we know it. As you’re making a running list of things to do around the house, don’t forget about preparing your roof for the seasons ahead. After all, your roof is an integral part of the structure of your home. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of four ways to get your roof ready for fall.

1. Clean the gutters.

Removing leaves, sticks, and other debris from your gutters is very important for keeping your roof, walls, and foundation in good condition. Gutters and drain spouts clogged with leaves and debris can create water damage, ceiling leaks, and more. When gutters are blocked, rainwater will overflow, instead of running away from your house, which can lead to ice dams in the winter.

2. Check the ventilation.

Take a close look at your vent pipes and roof vents. If necessary, remove any debris blocking the airflow such as nests, leaves, or sticks. Restricted airflow can cause higher energy bills, so make sure your ventilation is free from any cracks or interference. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional roofing company if you’re not comfortable checking the ventilation. Always put your safety first.

3. Lookout for leaks and moisture.

Scan along the exterior walls, ceilings, and the attic for any signs of a leak or moisture. Although a small leak may not seem worrying, roof leaks can quickly cause larger problems such as mold or rotted insulation. If notice a leak or suspect one on the horizon, call a professional roofer for thorough evaluation.

4. Schedule a professional inspection.

Contact your local roofing company to put an inspection on the calendar every fall and spring. Certified roofers, like our team at Above All Roofing, have the tools and expertise to inspect your roof for cracked or damaged shingles, sagging framework, wood rot, water damage, and more. They also have the capability to assess whether or not you need a roof repair or a roof replacement.

While you can recognize a few missing shingles or a ceiling leak on your own, you should ask a professional for their opinion to prevent a small issue from becoming worse. Here at Above All Roofing, our roof inspectors will go above and beyond to ensure your roof – and your family – is safe. Call us at 507.281.8595 to request your free evaluation or estimate to get your roof ready for fall.