A Quick Guide to Roofing Estimates

When it’s time for a roof repair or replacement, you’ll want to find out more than just the overall cost. Finding the right roofer for your unique needs is important. Before you start researching roofing estimates, make a checklist of everything you want and need for your roofing project. This will come in handy when you meet with your contractor. Find out what their warranties entail, check their reviews, and make sure you trust them with your largest investment – your home. Here is a quick guide as to what your roofing estimate should include along with questions you can ask your contractor.

Time Frame – How long is this project going to take?

Materials – Are all materials you will be using (and I will be charged for) listing on the proposal?

Cost – What is the total project cost and is there anything that would cause that to change?

Warranty – Do you offer any workmanship guarantees and how long do they last?

Liability – As a homeowner, am I liable for any injury that may occur during the project?

Cleanup – Who is responsible for cleanup and disposable of materials?

Permits – How much will permits cost and will you obtain them?

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