DIY Roofing Hazards To Avoid

There are endless online resources available to help homeowners save money by taking on DIY projects. However, some home projects are best left to the professionals – like residential roofing. Before tackling a major repair (or even a minor one), here are some common hazards that might make you reconsider hopping up on your roof.

Shingle Replacement

Replacing asphalt shingles may look straightforward, but it requires meticulous processes in order to establish a leak-free roof. Gaps, holes, and other imperfections can occur without proper installation of underlayment and flashing. This small project can lead to major issues if not help from a professional.

Personal Injury

There’s a reason why obtaining a roofer’s license requires multiple applications and forms – it’s dangerous! From the improper use of tools to falling through weak points in your roof to slipping off the edge, roofing is a job only for properly trained experts.

Added Expense

Once tools, materials, and supplies have been purchased for your roofing project, you may find yourself investing more than you planned. Save yourself the time, energy, and expense by reaching out to a local roofing professional. Your back and wallet will thank you!

If you have concerns about your roof or need a roof replacement, avoid DIY roofing hazards. Contact the most trusted roofer in southeast Minnesota today to receive a quote. The roofing team at Above All Roofing is ready to help you relax safely and comfortably in your home. Call us at 507.281.8585 to get started!