Which Color Shingles are Best for me?

Spring and summer storms can cause significant damage on your roof. In some cases, that may mean a roof replacement is in your future. Before you default to the same color roof as before, consider two important benefits a new shingle color may bring to your home:


Shingle colors can significantly benefit the exterior appearance of your home when chosen correctly. When it comes to choosing your shingles, there are two main shades – dark and light. Darker shades consist of dark greys, browns, and black, where lighter shades consist of light blues, tans, and taupe. Both shades can make a difference on the curb appeal of your home. For instance, dark colored roofs often pair best with homes built of red bricks or dark grey siding. Pairing two darker colors together create cohesiveness throughout the home’s exterior. Lighter roofing is used as a technique to soften the appearance of a home and pairs best with off-white and light grey exteriors.


Did you know the shade of your shingles can also decrease your energy or heating bills? Dark shingles absorb a significant amount of sunlight to help naturally warm your home in cooler months before and after the snow comes. A common misconception is that darker roofs will accelerate the melting of snow on the roof. However, when snow begins to cover your roof, you will no longer benefit from natural heating, as the snow will block the sun’s rays from heating your roof. For summer months, light shingles are beneficial because of the deflection of the sun’s rays from the roof. This can save you money on energy bills during warmer weather by ridding your home of the natural heat source.

Whether you’re looking for dark shingles to match your home’s exterior style and help you save on heating bills, or a light shingles for the softness and savings on energy, it’s important to rely on a professional roofing company. At Above All Roofing, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us for more information on how we can make the most of your roof.