3 Roofing Tips Every New Homeowner Needs to Know

Buying a new home is a fluster of a variety of emotions. Excitement, joy, and nervousness all mix together as you begin a new stage of your life. When buying a home, it’s important to establish connections with trustworthy companies that will ultimately care for your home. As Southeast Minnesota’s most trusted roofing company, we’re sharing our top three roofing tips that every new homeowner needs to know.

1. Research Your Roofing Options

Hiring the wrong roofing company can ultimately cost your roof, home, and your wallet. Before hiring on the first “Joe Schmoe” you found on Craigslist, take a step back and consider the pros, cons, and certifications that other roofing company’s hold. Your roof is an investment that ultimately protects your family and home from weather and intruders. The professional you hire to conduct maintenance and repair on your roof should be trustworthy, reliable, and an expert in the industry. At Above All Roofing, we never compromise on the quality of our services, both for our customers and their roofs.

2. Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

When purchasing a new home, a professional roof inspection can ensure any existing roofing damage is identified and addressed before becoming a much larger issue. In some circumstances, roof damage is invisible to the untrained eye. Professional roofers are well-versed in pinpointing roofing malfunctions or damages that occur below the top surface of the roof. Our roofing experts at Above All Roofing provide roof inspections and preventative maintenance to ensure your home’s roof is healthy and protected.

3. Follow Through with Roofing Repair and Replacement Services

The home buying process can quickly become overwhelming with the oncoming of many upfront costs. Many new homeowners will push off the tasks that seem small or insignificant. After all, this is a really busy time for a new home buyer, right? The truth is that the “perfect time” is often misrepresented to be some distant period of time in the future. The real perfect time to repair or replace your roof is as soon as the issue is detected. Waiting until it’s too late can cause significant damage to your entire roof, home, and wallet. Assessing problems when they’re small can prevent them from becoming serious and costly damage in the coming months or years.

The home buying process is an exciting time for any new homeowner. We want to be part of your home’s journey for years to come. For any of your new home’s inspections, maintenance, or replacements, rely on your friends at Above All Roofing. Contact us to request your roofing service today!