Top 5 Roofing Basics

A roof is a major investment, and serves a significant role in the safety and protection of your home. Whether you’ve recently installed a new roof, are in the market for a new roof, or have no idea where to even begin caring for your roof, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 5 roofing basics every homeowner needs to know.

1. The Type of Roofing Materials You Use Matters

Many homeowners are drawn to a roofing style merely based off its aesthetics. Although roofing material does have an impact on the curb appeal of your home, it also plays a huge role in your home’s energy usage, safety, and value. In fact, two of the most commonly used roofing materials found throughout Minnesota neighborhoods are metal and asphalt shingles. When researching the right material for your home’s roof, it’s important to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of both to ensure all your home’s needs are met.

2. Stay Off Your Roof This Winter

It’s pretty safe to assume that almost every Minnesota homeowners dreads the post-snowstorm shoveling. After clearing your driveway, and plowing your sidewalks, it’s important to also take a glance up at your roof to check for any significant snow build-up. If snow begins to build up beyond 6 inches high, your roof becomes significantly more susceptible to ice dams. These dams are essentially a ridge of ice that can block drainage on your roof, and even lead to leakage. No need to worry though, Clark Griswold. The professionals at Above All Roofing have your roof’s snow removal covered. After a heavy storm, give our team a call and we’d be happy to get your removal scheduled.

3. Got a Problem? Get it Fixed Fast.

One of the worst things you can do for your home and roof is to ignore minor issues you may notice from time to time. Often times, ignoring small issues can result in much larger issues – sometimes costing your home and family. If you notice your roof is sagging, discolored in certain areas, or missing shingles, please reach out to a professional immediately. Doing so can save you plenty of time, money, and worry in the long run.

4. Roof’s Don’t Typically Last as Long as Homes

Although you’ve probably never seen a finished home without a roof, it’s important to know that roofs do not last nearly as long as homes. In fact, roofs can last anywhere from 19-70 years on average before they need to be replaced. One of the best ways homeowners can guarantee the longevity of their roof is by keeping up with routine preventative maintenance. With Above All Roofing’s preventative maintenance services, our professionals will check the structural integrity of your roof, clean your gutters and drains, repair defects and seams, and remove any excess debris from your roof.

5. Rely on a Team of Roofers You Trust

The last, and arguably most important of our roofing basics is to hire a team you truly trust. Your roof is one of your home’s biggest investments. To ensure your home, family, and belongings remain protected year-round, rely on a dependable team of roofing professionals. Before deciding on a roofing company, make sure the professionals are all licensed, trained, and known for their high quality of service. Visit our blog on how to choose the right roofing company for more information.

Above All Roofing is Southeast Minnesota’s most trusted roofing company. For personalized, high-quality roofing services you can trust, contact the roofing professionals at Above All Roofing.