3 Reasons Fall is the Season for Roof Repair

Many factors play into the safety and effectiveness of roof work, with one major factor being weather conditions. To make the most of this roofing season, we’ve compiled a list of our top 3 reasons why fall is the most efficient time for roof repair.

Cooler Temperatures

If your roof has missing or loose shingles, fall is the time to replace them. Waiting to install a roof in winter can cause shingles to crack, which may lead to roof failures and leaks. Repairs made in the fall are more effective, due to an air-tight seal that forms between shingles and your roof when temperatures fall between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Storms have Passed

Spring and summer bring heavy storms that can be harmful to your roof. Often times the damage they cause isn’t found until it’s too late. Fall is a great time to  inspect your roof for any potential damages left from the previous seasons and before winter begins.

Upcoming Snow

Winter is right around the corner. Preparing your roof this fall can help save you thousands of dollars in potential damages. Have your roof inspected, and replace any broken or worn parts of your roof to ensure your roof is ready to endure the weight of snow and ice-dams, and block out any water from melting snow and ice.

There’s no better time to get ahead on your fall roofing services. Whether you need an inspection or a total roof replacement, we’re here to help. Visit our services page for more information on how we can help you prepare your roof for fall.